Awkward column typing in Call Remote Workflow node

Would it be possible to modify the Call Remote Workflow to accept input columns other than JSON? Currently we seem to have to turn every cell in, say, a string column into JSON objects of { "string" : "myStringValue" }, in order to get a remote workflow that expects String inputs to accept it. This is a real pain and definitely makes the node less useful/intuitive. None of the X to JSON nodes seem to work well for producing this format either, so I've had to roll my own using Java snippets.

It would be much better if the Call Remote Workflow just accepted String columns where the workflow's spec. indicates a string input, and then does the extra formatting step itself.



Hi although I'm not familiar yet with remote workflows, I had some issues as well with the JSON files.
What helped in my case was to put the line reader node ahead.. maype this will solve your problem as well.


Hi all,

I’ve recently been using the “Call Local Workflow” heavily and I absolutely agree that this JSON format is extremely counter-intuitive (for sure, there's a valid reason behind it).

At the beginning, I created the JSON through Java snippets as well, but then I discovered that it can be created through the Columns to JSON node. It's not immediately obvious, you have to expand the section Manual Selection:

Create an entry with the data type as key (e.g. “string”) and select the column as value.

Hope that helps!

-- Philipp