AWS Server Small - Foward ports 80 &443 to '/knime' instead of :8080/ (iptables or NGINX?)


I’m using the AWS KNIME Server Small - the Server Admin Guide says it comes pre-installed with “iptables (Redirects of requests on port 80, 443 to TomEE running on port 8080, 8443)”

That is great and makes it easy. However, I’d like to forward port 8080/8443 to “

Is that to be done with iptables as well or should I install NGINX? I’ve not worked with iptables before.

I suppose I may be looking for iptables to “redirect” rather than foward.

Hi @chase_free ,

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I think you can simply redirect the ROOT webapp to the KNIME webportal application.

  1. Backup <apache-tomcat>/webapps/ROOT/index.jsp file
  2. Replace the entire content of the file with the following line.
    <% response.sendRedirect("/knime"); %>

This should do the trick.


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Thank you very much for your reply, @temesgen-dadi!
Do you happen to know the installation path when using the AWS server? I feel like I’ve checked everywhere including where I believe it should be: /usr/share/
I’m looking and will update here if I find it, but I have so far been unable

KNIME Server Installation Guide (Path to the Installation Folder):

The installation folder will (by default) contain all of the files that KNIME requires, which includes Tomcat, the KNIME Server Executor and the KNIME Server repository. The installation folder should be empty, and if it does not exist will be created. If prompted choose OK.

Hi @chase_free

I think it’s either /opt/knime/knime_server or /opt/knime_server


Thank you! I JUST found it before I saw your post.


I will try your original solution to my question

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