AWT Deadlock with Knime an ggplot


in the last few days I was using, as I did many times before, the R table view node together with ggplot2. So far it works fine but with Knime 3.4 and R 3.2.3 I am randomly getting total freezing of Knime, which can only be restarted by killing the Process.

I get stuck with the Message: Sending Flow Variables to R,

a few minutes later Knime gives the warning: Warn: Potential Deadlock in AWT event queue , but it does not recover.

This does not happen every time but randomly after i modified and looked at the generated plots for a few times.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit, 8GB RAM Intel® Core™ i5-4670S, CPU @ 3.10GHz × 4

Does anyone have an explanation, or had the same issue? It would be great not having to kill knime every 5-10Minutes and restarting all over ;)

Thanks in advance,


Hi jenniferh,

In order to investigate a little bit more the problem, would it be possible for you to share the log file?

You can find it at the following path: <knime.workspace>\.metadata\knime\knime.log

Thank you!




of course. I have attached it as a zip file. The date of the interesting log should be the 17th of October, which was the day I created this post. At that day in the morning Knime crashed several times.

In case you need any further Information I am glad to help.