Azure ADLS connector?

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We have a use case where we would like to use Knime to process data from an ADL Store.

Is there an Azure ADLS connector in roadmap of the Knime big data extensions?
Or maybe a future ‘Azure’ button in the ‘Authentication’ part of the ‘WebHDFS connector’ configuration popup?


Hi Frederic,

We currently don’t have plans to provide connectivity to the Azure Data Lake store. I’ll make a note to investigate it more and determine the level of effort to support it. Can you provide more detail on the expected use cases? And how ADL can be connected to via the WebHDFS connector?


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Hi Jim.

The use case is for a manufacturer of airborne equipments, for optimizing warranty policy based on insights from equipment lifecycle data. The data is currently stored in an Azure ADL. The team would like to use Knime for the data processing.

Azure ADL already exports a WebHDFS API: see here.
However, a specific Azure AD authentication workflow must be performed to retrieve the access_token required in the API call header: see here.

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Hi Frederic, looking into this further and will get back to you. Thanks for the info.

Is there aby update on this maybe?

Please see my comment here.

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