Azure Blob Storage Connector: Execute failed: Block blobs are not supported.

Anyone ever run into this?

Trying to create a folder on Azure Blob Storage.

Workflow is setup like this:

Microsoft Authentication Node → Azure Blob Storage Connector → Create Folder

Error: ERROR Create Folder 0:1619 Execute failed: Block blobs are not supported.

Verified my account has access to read-Write access on the data container.

When i try the above with ADLSG2 connector, Error is different: ERROR Create Folder 0:1621 Execute failed:

Tried both on AP 4.3.4 as well as AP 4.4.0 - Same errors.

In your MS Authentication node, what method are you using for authentication? The authentication mode can change how you access Azure, i.e. different methods may force different policies.

Hi @wtfstoops69,

are you try to connect to a Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2? Both are different things and you have to choose the KNIME connector matching your type. Can you double check that you don’t have any typos in the bucket name?


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