Azure Event Hub - Kafka Enabled - Knime Kafka Connector

Trying to connect Knime using Kafka Connector to Azure Event Hub (Kafka Enabled).

Keep getting error: ERROR Kafka Connector 7:1234 Execute failed: Cannot connect to server. Please ensure that the server list and advanced settings were correctly set.

Goal is to stream data from Knime to Azure Event Hub using Knime Kafka connector and Kakfa Producer nodes.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @wtfstoops69,

I have never tried it, but I would assume that you need to pass some more information in the advanced tab.
Have a look at this page:

Depending on whether you want to use OAuth or SAS, there are different settings listed in the article.
Since you have a screenshot for SAS, I guess you would need to add these key value pairs:
sasl.mechanism=PLAIN required username="$ConnectionString" password="{YOUR.EVENTHUBS.CONNECTION.STRING}";



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What was the final method you were able to connect? I’m trying this too, but can not figure out the magical settings to connect Knime to a Azure EventHub. For instance, there is not a “bootstrap.servers” option on the advanced tab, and putting the entry on the settings tab is not helping. I’ve configured everything else, but still not working. Constantly receive the “Failed to contruct kafka consumer” error.

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