Azure Fabric - Lakehouse with data tables

Hi Community!

We are evaluating Azure Fabric to replace our in-house SQL server to store our structured data. I’m currently testing how to connect Knime with the Lakehouse data tables. I have done the following :

  • Connect to the underlaying storage account that fabric resource group is running on:
  • Use the Azure ADLS2 connector to connect to the storage account data:

    But, when I click on browse, or add a parquet reader after the ADLS2 connector, All I see is the blob containers pdf files under the current storage account and not the lakehouse data tables.
    Below a screenshot of one of the Lakehouse table definitions .

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to use some other working directory to access them or some other node? Been struggling with this for days now, and cant figure out how to access them :sob:

Any help is appreciated!! :pray:

Do you see the one lake delta tables in your ADLS in your browser?

@Daniel_Weikert yes, when I open the one lake through my browser I can see all of the tables.

Unfortunately I do not have a Fabric License here. I could only use parquet files which I uploaded myself
That works fine

I would try to upload a (non Fabric) parquet file just to check whether you can read that in KNIME as a first step to debug

thanks @Daniel_Weikert I will try to figure this out. If I succeed, I will let you know here. :=)

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