Azure Knime Server down

I recently installed a few R packages on the Azure standalone Knime server and the Knime server has become inaccessible since then. Neither can I reach the webportal, nor I can SSH into it. Has this issue been faced by someone else before, and if so, please can you suggest on the possible resolution?


You stated that you had an Azure instance with KNIME server installed, and then you installed some R packages on it.
Now you can not access the server on ssh/22 or http/8080.

I recommend checking your Azure instance control panel and ensuring that the server instance is still active.
Additionally, check the security configurations to make sure that they have not changed, and are still configured in such a way that you should be able to connect.

Installing R packages on the server should not make it ignore connection requests on port 22, 8080, or 8443.
So I would make sure if this is an instance/Azure issue first.