Azure One Lake connection

Hi community! Are there any example models available on how to write data to Azure One Lake tables? I was looking at the components available, but couldn’t figure out the correct process.


With one lake tables I mean ADLS 2 tables within azure :slight_smile:

in which format are they stored? Delta? Parquet? Other.
If you are connected via microsoft auth node you can use the writer nodes to write to a specific location (with right click add file system connection port)

Hi @Daniel_Weikert, its in parquet format. I was trying it out with the ms authentication node with shared key, and adls2 node but i’m not able to figure out the correct order/nodes needed to update/upload data :confused:

@Daniel_Weikert, I was able to connect to the ADLS2 but I only get the files in the storage accounts container of the and not the actual tables, that are located in the same resource group under the MS fabric data lake… I’m quite sure it’s a working directory issue, but cant figure out what the correct address is… :confused:
Im trying to read the data first, and to extract it from the onelake. Any help is highly appriciated, as I have struggeled hours with this :smiley:

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