B-Score question


The description of the B-Score node says:

It is possible to normalize without grouping (e.g. normalization of the whole screen based on all negative controls available). 

How can we do this? My input contains multiple plates, and two string columns: Barcode and WellType.

If I select Barcode, I assume B-Scores are calculated on a per-plate level. That seems to work correctly. But if I select WellType, I get this error:

Execute failed: Corrupted plate structure: Several wells per plate position detected on plate 'SAMPLE'

Best regards,

Hi Frederick,

I am sorry, I guess you caught a bug in the node description. The B-Score needs a grouping by plate/barcode and calculates the positional bias using the 'plateRow' and 'plateColumn' information. The B-Score algorithm does not allow "negative controls" as e.g. Z-Score or POC normalization. 

We will correct the description with the next update. Thanks for reporting the wrong description.