Bar Chart - Adding different label than used features


I would like to create a bar chart with further details as a label.
For example, I have successful/failed projects list (as numbers) and a ratio (proportion of successful projects). I create a stacked bar chart showing for each category successful and failed numbers. Is it possible to add a label “ratio” on it, without adding a third color ? Just the number ?

Below, the list of columns I have and the stacked bar chart. Can I add on each line of the bar chart this ratio information as text only ?

Thanks for your help


Hey Jerome,

this is not possible at the moment. We are planning to introduce something like this for the new Bar Chart node, but I can’t tell you when we will find the time to implement it. For now we planned to display this additional information in the tooltip. Would that be sufficient for your use case?


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Hello Daniel,

Thanks for the answer, it confirms what I thought.
Yeah would be great as a tooltip!


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