Bar Chart (Color, Decimal, Scale)

Hi there

Small workflow many questions :slight_smile: Would be grateful for any suggestions !

In this Bar Chart I would like to have Group A one color (e.g. blue), Group B one color (e.g. green) and Group C one color (e.g. red) for both categories (P&Z).

=> I have difficulties assigning the color as Nominal is not available.

=> The other question is how I could always display figures with one decimal (“1.0”) instead of “1”.

=> In the Interactive View I can deselect groups. Yet max. height always stays the same. Is there a possibility to fix y scale. So after deselecting one group the height would be lower … ?

I posted the workflow here:

Thanks already

Hi @JulesFS ,
thank you for your question!

For the question on colours, you can look for various example WFs on the KNIME Community Hub, i.e. Bar Chart Examples – KNIME Community Hub, Custom Bar Chart Colors for each Bin – KNIME Community Hub and many others.

On your other questions I will clarify couple of things and get back to you soon.

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Hi @JulesFS ,
as promised I am back with the answer to your another question about fixing the max value of axis.
At the moment it is not possible to specify a maximum value, but our developers are currently working on it, so it should become available in the near future!

I have also added +1 on your behalf in our ticketing system regarding this matter (Ticket: UIEXT-389)

Alternatively (far from optimal) you can create a row with the maximum value of 100, which will “fix” the max value.

Hope it helps!

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Dear Daria

Many thanks ! I think I figured it out on the colors now.

Option on max. value for y-axis would be great.



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