Bar Chart (Labs) Category Labels

Hello Community :slight_smile:

I just used the -Bar Chart (Labs)- node for my solution to the Just KNIME It challenge and I came across a problem with the category labels.

The bar chart plots one bar per country and due to the length of country names, some names are not displayed.

In the vertical orientation it displays like this:

Then in the horizontal view like this:

Other than manipulating the data beforehand to create abbreviated names, does anyone know a solution to this problem with the -Bar Chart (Labs)- node?

Or perhaps this is something that can be improved within the node itself?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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Hey Heather,

thanks for reporting. This is a current limitation of the visualization framework we are using. We are already in contact with the creators and I hope we can offer a better solution soon. We are also looking into solutions while this problem still exists in the visualization framework. I will post something in this thread as soon as I have a solution.



Hi @DanielBog

Thanks for letting me know that KNIME is looking into this, I will look out for the solution :slight_smile:


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