Bar Chart (stacked and colored) to report

Hello KNIME team,

I would like to publish a Bar Chart to a report. The Bars should be stacked and be colored.

I used two nodes, but with none of them I succeded:

1. Exporting of the image to report works fine with the following nodes from JFreeChart: Histogram Chart or Bar Chart. The bars are stacked, but I have found no way how I could color the bars by its contributions (see e.g. this link : Category 1 has three series summed up and each serie has a different color).

2. The wanted image can be generated by suing the following node: Histogram (interactive). This node generates the "picture" similar to above link. I first use the Color Manager so that each data row is colored and then do the histogram. Unfortunately this node does not allow me to export the image to the report as there is no output port. If there is any way please let me know.

Thanks for your kind help and best regards,





Hi Andy, currently only option #1 is possible. We are working on a new interactive view integration allowing to export view images, similar to the JFreeChart integration plus storing the view settings for later usage. The API for this framework will be release with 2.8 this month, real implementations will follow with the next releases.