Bar Chart value cannot be shown when the data was negative number

Hi guys,

Recently i found some interesting things that the Bar chart can not shown the exactly value when the data was negative number.
Below was the same data but only i change the numbers to positive the bar chart can worked.

Do you have any ideas, how I could solve this problem?

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sorry for wrong pic.

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Hi @Tengxiao ,

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Could you please confirm which node you are using to display the bar chart?

I tried creating a workflow using the Bar Chart node, with some dummy data and was able to visualize both negative and positive values on the chart. I have attached the workflow for your reference. Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

KNIME_project.knwf (312.4 KB)



hi @k10shetty1 ;
Thank you for your reply;
First, i use the node Bar chart which belongs to JavaScript. And i found your workflow was using the node bar chart which was from KNIME labs.
Second, how can we configure the node(KNIME labs) to visualize values on the chart. i don’t found the option.
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hi @k10shetty1
I think it was the KNIME version issues, i have solved this problem by update the KNIME to V4.7.8
Thank you very much.
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