Bar chart with 2 Y Axis and Y Series Grouping


      I currently have a Bar chart that shows month as a category on the X axis, and has a Y series grouping on a variable for Product.  So it shows a bar for each product for each month.    The issue is that one of the products has much greater volume than the others.   So it is desired to show that one product bar scaled to a second Y axis.

I'm not sure how to accomplish that, do I not use the Y Series grouping, and change the dataset to have a column for each product?  and make each one of those a series and assign it to an Y axis?   I noticed when selected 2nd Y axis that it put the bar's on top of each other not side by side.


Any help suggestions would be appreciated.


Here is the current definition

Hi, I think you just missed the option "Multiple y-axis" at the first wizard page where you also have to select the depiction of the side-by-side bar chart, this option which will allow selecting an additional y-axis series(!) on the next page.

Hey, what node were you using? I can´t find the function and want to do the same.