🍰 Barbara's Rhubarb Bar (Barbara's Rhabarberbar) - and how it relates to KNIME ...

… or “How fast can you go”?

Cheers, fellow KNIMErs,

I am not sure about you but there is a viral trend that basically appears everywhere I go these days - Barbara’s Rhabarberbar (Barbara’s Rhubarb Bar).

Let me explain:
It’s a short video from German comedian Bodo Wartke (together with YouTuber Marti Fischer) where they perform a little rap song about Barbara’s Rhubarb Bar - which in German translates to ‘Barbara’s Rhabarberbar’. This is a famous tongue twister that talks about Barbara’s, Barbarians and Beards (amongst others). But the two singers perform it so well that the whole world seems to have the urge to also provide their take on it. The song is a wonderful depiction of how ‘challenging’ the German language can be and how funny at the same time (yes, Germans are actually funny folks, isn’t that surprising??)

As this popped up left, right and center everywhere I went online I thought to myself:

Why not participate and do something KNIME related?

So my idea was this: To show the versatility and approachbility of KNIME Analytics Platform let’s quickly build a workflow for the time the two artists need to perform the song (1 minute 46 seconds).

Here’s the short (under 4 minutes) video for you guys:

Here’s what happens in the video:

  • Data Import (Excel & CSV)
  • merging data using the Value Lookup Node
  • Calculating and aggregating data
  • Creating two … ahem … Bar charts (get it?? Bar Charts … :smile: )

I created an individual dataset featuring products that would fit Barbara’s Bar Business … (I somehow get carried away with this tongue twister thing :wink: )

(love the Barbarian’s Bubbly Brew product … :beer:)

… and also some customer groups (including Barbarians and Rhubarb Ravers):

You can find the whole workflow including the source files here:

Now here’s my question / challenge to you …

How fast can you go?
What can you achieve in KNIME in 1.46 minutes?
What workflows can you build in under 2 minutes (no matter how new or experienced you are)?

Would love to see your solutions / workflows / ideas…

Oh, and if you don’t mind, give the video a like and a comment (in case you want to see me rapping and dancing)…

Off to you, going to enjoy a delicious bit of rhubarb cake, bavarian barbarian beer before getting to the barber


ps: to the admins - this is not outright a question or help request, hope it is still ok to post it here… !?


Admittedly listening to that song and seeing that workflow be built had something satisfying :wink:

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It has that vibe to it, one could simply not get out of the head. :wink:

What would you build in <2 minutes?