Barplot (Plotly) version

Hi everyone,

I was looking for a Barplot (Plotly) version, similar to the other type of Plotly charts that KNIME has under the JavaScript Views (Labs) (following picture).


The reason why I would need it is because, whenever I select a bar in the chart, I would need a table in the end where a column is showing me which element has been selected. This way I’m able to further process the column itself.

In the list of charts there’s no Barplot that works this way. Is there a reason for that?
Am I missing something? Some extension that I need or some other bar chart that works that way?
The other type of Barplot don’t have any output port for this task (following picture):

Any help, suggestions or hints would be much appreciated!


Hey @alessandro_mac,
the reason for the bar charts not having an output table is rather something technical. The bar chart can not only append a selected attributed to the bars selected as it internally performs an aggregation which would transform the input table. There is a way to solve this with the new Bar chart node, which now has the possibility to not perform an aggregation. If you want to use that, you have to do the aggregation manually for example with a groupBy node and check the ‘enable HiLiting’ checkbox in the groupBy node. With this you can then use a ‘HiLite Row Splitter’ node to get the selected bars. (see attached workflow for an example)
I hope that helps.
selectionNewViews.knar.knwf (8.2 KB)


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Hi @DanielBog,

Thank you very much for your reply!
I’ll immediately check the workflow and I’ll let you know.

Many thanks!

Hi @DanielBog,

Thank you again for your support, it’s now clear to me the reason why the bar chart was not included.
Here’s the workflow that you sent me, updated for my specific use case (just a very small change).

hiliteNewViews_updated.knwf (27.8 KB)

Thanks again for your precious help, have a nice day!



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