Basic Example for External Tool

This example shows how to use the external tool to increment all numbers in a column by 1. Make sure to adjust the paths in the settings of the external tool node (The script is created inside the workflow in a folder called "test"). Executing this workflow will: 1) Create a textfile in.txt with the contents of the table creator 2) Call a script which will increment its contents and write that to a new file called out.txt 3) Now the output of out.txt is available at the output port of the External Tool node.

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Should this example include the scripts?

ERROR External Tool 3:10 Execute failed: The specified external executable (’\home\jschweig\knime-workspace\release\external-tool-basic-example\test\’) doesn’t exist.

Hi @ajackson -

You might try this WF instead:

The required shell script is in the workflow description, you just have to create file and modify the directory reference yourself.

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