Basic question about user input

Hello guys, and thanks in advance for your attention.

I have what I think is a very easy thing to do but struggling at it.

I daily export a collect different files from my bank accounts and want to manipulate and merge them in a single file to be exported to my Microsoft BI.

This is fairly easy and I have already completed the taksk… BUT the bank export for a reason I cannot comprehend doesnt have the actual date. What I want to do is to append the current date to every record of my export and I want to manually insert it.
My idea was to have a node that pop-up at every workflow execution asking me for a date and that date is assigned to every record of that export…

I don’t know if I have been clear enough…


Hi @Euino

If you want to insert the date/time automatically (instead of manually), I suggest something like this.
image .
gr. Hans

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Hello Hans and thanks a lot for your answer, your solution is more elegant compared with what I have in mind.
I’m just a little concerned that is too automatic. Not always this workflow will run exactly on the same day of the reports.
So I would like to investigate a flow like this one you suggested but with an user input in the first node… don’t know if it is easy though

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Hello @Euino,

then use Date&Time Configuration node. You can configure it to output today’s Date and in case you are running workflow on another day simply go in configuration and pick the date you need.



ok thanks mate I think I’ll go for this one, is not the pop-up I have in mind (who reminds the user to update the date value) but I’ll make it work :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks for this. Can you elaborate further too, say, I would need multiple constant value columns from the table row to variable input.

Would constant value node still work? As I can see, it only allows one variable per node?

Hello hello,

@Euino see here for more popup possibility with Java Snippet node:

Additionally WebPortal feature from KNIME Server offers this and more possibilities:

@Ana914 Variable to Table Column node allows you to create multiple constant columns from your flow variables. Also you can simply use multiple Constant Value Column nodes. Keep in mind that flow variables are available to all downstream node regardless of connection type so you don’t have to connect each node with flow variable (red) connection :wink:


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