Batch execution: Unable to insert connection

Hi all,

I created a new node and exported it. I can now use the node in the GUI and everything works great. However, if I want to exectute the workflow that includes the new node with KNIME Batch Application I get the following error:

WARN WorkflowManager Unable to insert connection “[1(0)->2(0)]”.

To execute the workflow I use the following command:

knime -nosplash -noexit -consoleLog -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflowDir=“C:\customer\BestSplitWorkflow” -reset -masterkey=sa

What could be the reason for the error?



Can you add “-clean” following the “-consoleLog” argument and let us know if you still run into this problem? Have you installed the new node using the dropins folder?



From your reply to this comment, I know you are an expert about KNIME. I meet a problem, I think, you could help me. The problem is how to autoexecute KNIME workflow in a fixed time everyday without KNIME Enterprise Server supporting.

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Thank you!