Batch export Knime workflow

Hey Knimers

So, I am slowly introducing my team to the wonders of Knime, but I have a giant gap that I need to fill. Since they are working independently of one another, they have their own Knime installations, obviously. Now, since they need to share those flows as I want them to be self sufficient, I want to make a scheduled automatic backup of their workflows so, in case one needs to step in for another, I want them to be able do download each others flows for a centralized location.
In more understandable (I hope terms), I need to write a script (preferably PS) that exports their flows and then puts them on Sharepoint. At one point I thought I had it nailed down, I wrote a simple script that went through the Workspace and zip-ed everything as a knwf file and done. All was good until I tried importing said “fake” knwf on another system. Long story short, it didn’t work.
Now, I did some research and apparently I should have been using the Knime_batch_application. I tried this time, but everything I found on the old thread on the subject was not woking and Knime came back with either code=2 or code =4, so I am quite stuck on the topic.
Anyone manage to do this on Knime 5.1.x?
Thank you.