Batch integration


I created a workflow with some variables to control the data range of a DB query and the output name of the results file.

Now, I want to use this workflow into a larger data integration workflow for this reason I want to call the KNIME workflow through the batch mode using different dates and output files.

Unfortunately, what I noticed is that, once I run the workflow with a given set of variables (using -workflow.variable  flags), the output generation is not so clear. I mean, I don't know when the worfklow is saving or not saving the outputs, state, etc.

I did the following test (in a single bash script):

  1. Clean all outputs
  2. Reset the worfklow (-reset flag) 
  3. Query for January range
  4. Query for February range
  5. Reset the workflow
  6. Query for March range

When I execute this test, what I obtain are just the outputs for Frebuary and February. Curisoly, if I re-run the script, I can see that the March range is generated just after the first reset (Step 2).

I also tryed adding the -nosave on the query steps, but in this case no output files are generated at all.

¿What I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks!

Hi there,

That sounds like a use case where using the KNIME WebPortal might considerably simplify matters by providing options to schedule workflow execution, or use the quickforms directly via the WebPortal. More information is available at:

Without seeing the command that you're using, or the workflow it is difficult to make any suggestions.