Batch mode: reset workflow

Hi everybody,


i built a knime data analysis workflow. Now i want to run that workflow with different datasets. I thought the easiest would be to run knime in batch mode an control it by workflow variables.


The problem is that after the first batch-mode-run of the workflow all nodes are executed and in the second run nothing is done any more (even if other workflow variables are used). How can i execute knime batch mode and tell it to reset all nodes before starting?

And another question: How can i change the log-level in knime batch mode?


thanks in advance!


The option to reset all nodes before executing the workflow is -reset, alternatively you can also use -nosave which would leave the workflow in its original state. To change any configuration, you need to specify the preferences, option -preferences pointing to the exported preference file (that means, you specify the log level in the KNIME Desktop and export this configuration together with the preferences).