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Hi, does anyone know if I can batch print from excel to .jpg or .doc in Knime. I have dozens of excel files and in each file there are 10 sheets containing the same size table which I need to get as .jpg and paste into .doc file. I have over hundred such tables, so looking for a way to automate the process. Thanks in advance.
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I can maybe extend this question with the following. Lets say I need to batch format tables I mentioned. Add some borders and shading of some cells. Can I do it in batch in Knime? Lets say 20 files and in each 20 sheets with 20 tables.

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Did you already try using a loop? You can control what sheet is being processed with a flow variable, and then create a component or metanode to encapsulate the specific sheet processing you want to do.

Here’s a workflow example of how to control sheet processing with flow variables with a loop: Read all sheets from an XLS file in a loop – KNIME Community Hub The processing is very simple here, but hopefully it’s helpful.



@Dalmatino16 I created a small demonstration transferring tables from 4 Excel files to JPG and to DOCX and also into Word as a Table.

You will have to be the judge if this approach does make any sense at all. Some aspects are dynamic others like the range are still static and will have to be edited or also be provided three variables.

Since I was curious I developed the Python code with the help of the much hyped ChatGPT (ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue) and must say I was quite impressed by its capabilities - also ‘discussing’ trouble shooting approaches along the way and the responses were quite good and helpful.

What you see here is a JPG file within a word document - I also made a version where the table would be imported as table with the values still ‘usable’.

You will find all sample files in the /data/ subfolder of the workflow:


Thanks Aline, I forgot to reply. Thatis an interesting read.

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Thanks mlauber71. This helped indeed. Yes chatGPT is a game changer.

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