Batch workflow fails with relative paths fails using new Utility Nodes

Hi everyone,

I’ve previously used Batch mode to run workflows which read files using relative paths (ie. KNIME://knime.workflow/…/somefile.csv).

With the new utility nodes I’ve tried to use the ‘Transfer Files’ node to copy a file, but BATCH seems to fail when I setup as ‘Relative to Current Workflow’ with the file as ‘…/somefile.csv’. See images of how I’ve setup the mode as well as the errors I’m seeing.

I have been able to get it to work with a Local File System path, but this obviously isn’t ideal.

I am doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance,


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So I managed to find a work-around using the ‘Explorer Browser’ node to convert a workflow relative path into a local path that could then be fed in as a Flow Variable into the File Transfer node.

Image below shows an example of the nodes used:

I’d still be interested to hear if anyone else finds a less clunky way of doing this.

Thanks, Dom

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