Bayesian Clasifficator

Hi, can anyone show us how to use bayesian classificators with knime? we’re new to this program, and we don’t know how to do this.
Thanks all,

Hi Michelle,
first you have to read in the data (training, test, data to classify) you want to mine into KNIME by using one of the data input nodes such as the file reader. You can then build a bayesian model for the training data using the Naive Bayes Learner. You can than apply the trained model on the test data using the Naive Bayes Predictor node. To validate the model use the Scorer node. When you are satisfied with the learned model label your unlabeled data the same way you did it with the training data by applying the learned model using the Naive Bayes Predictor.

However this introduction is not specific to the Naive Bayes node and applies to almost all of the mining nodes in KNIME that first learn a model which you can than apply on your data. How the learner predictor schema works in KNIME and how the Naive Bayes classifier is used in cross validation can bee also seen on the following example page: For a detailed description of a node please refer to the Node Description view within KNIME that describes the selected node in general and all of its options.


@tobias Can I get my Naive Bayes Learner with multiple files??? and can a file reader read a complete folder in this case?


Hy Michele have you done with your problem?? I want some help if you don't mind. Could please upload your picture of how you plugged controlss?


have a look at the example workflow 011007_readMultipleFiles in the 011_FlowVarsAndLoops section of the KNIME Example Server.