Bayesian Network - BIF file format


I am running BayesNet and under the search algorithm I would like to read in a fixed format FromFile. I would like to know the format of the required BIF file. An example file would be greatly appreciated.

I have been able to save a BIF file using WEKA but KNIME throws up an error when I try to read it in:

"Execute failed: SAXParseException in Weka during training. Please verify your settings. Content is not allowed in prolog."

I cannot see a way to export a BIF file from KNIME so I cannot see the format required.


ALSO I have another question - can I exclude the <TABLE> commands in the BIF file? I would just like to specify the network structure and not the associated probabilities.


Thank you in advance


Further to my question, I have noticed that my BIF file is read in correctly when specified to be tested against i.e. in the first dialog box of the main Bayes Net window. So it seems to be an issue when specifying it as the search algorithm.

Please help if you can



You're referring to the XMLBIF files, right? (There's a separate BIF format used by one of the R packages.)

Have you verified that your file can be loaded (or not) in standalone Weka?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I'm referring to an XMLBIF file and I can confirm it works fine in standalone WEKA. Should the format be different for KNIME?



There really shouldn't be any difference unless there is significant behavioral differences between the Weka standalone version and the version wrapped with KNIME. Which version(s) are you using?  I've had similar problems with the KNIME Weka and I'd like to really nail down where the problems lie.


I am a new user so have only recently downloaded the software. I am using KNIME Analytics platform 2.12.1 and WEKA 3.7.

What I find confusing is that the file seems to be read OK into KNIME when I specify it to be tested against, but not when I want to use it as the search algorithm.