Beeswarm plot in KNIME?

Does anyone have any hints on how I could make a Beeswarm plot in KNIME? I’ve seen tutorials on how to do it in R, but I was wondering if I might be missing something in KNIME that can do it without R. A good example of a Beeswarm plot is in this R tutorial (which is making a Beeswarm box plot, though I don’t necessarily need the boxes):

I’ve also seen them called strip plots:

The only way to do swarm plots in KNIME without using R is by using Python; you already mention the python Seaborn library. (Seaborn both has swarm plots and strip plots, they look a bit different). I guess you could make a Javascript Scatter Plot node display a swarm plot, but you will have to calculate the exact positions of the dots yourself. There is no dedicated swarm plot node as far as I know.

Yet another way is to install something like gnuplot on your system and call that from a Bash node, but I never tried this.