Beginner's Luck PostgreSQL Setup

The latest edition of KNIME Beginner's Luck (2014 updated for KNIME 2.10) has Section 3.7 on Database Operations. Specifically on page 89 it says:

"We installed PostgreSQL ... on our machine and we created a database 'Book' in which to write the data table. We also defined a special user...".

Unfortunately I can't find any information from the book on how to set up PostgreSQL. Nor can I find instructions on how to set up the database driver in KNIME. I'm slowly figuring all of this out myself, but it's a little painful and off-topic because what I'm really interested in is learning KNIME.

Does anybody have a quick link to this information?

I followed the documentation on the PostGreSQL site.


Download and install from

After installation you should have a PostGRESQL folder in your applications/programs

Among the PostGRESQL applications you should have a PgAdminIII application. This is the admin console to create database, connect, etc ...

If you do not need databases for your work, you can skip the database section and change every database reading with a File Reader to access any of the files that come with the Download Zone. When writing the book I wrote some of these text files into the database to also show how to access data from a database. But the original text files should be all available in the Download Zone.

Please let me know if this is not the case.

-- Rosaria

I followed the instrctions in chapter 3 but ran into difficulites for Postgres. I kept getting a message saying "ERROR Database Writer      0:3        Execute failed: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "user1".

I installed and unintalled Postgres several times and watched Youtube videos but still could not proceed. My Knime workflow is like this: file reader--> database writer. I used the Iris data.

Can you advise me on how to do? Thanks.


PostgresSQL has become complicated. So in the newest versions of the book, I have switched to SQLite.

With SQLite, you just use the SQLite connector, insert the path for a new file, and then add a Database Writer node.

With SQLite, you do not need to install anything.

Let me know if this works better.