Best Algorthims to work in KNIME


Can someone give clarity on which algorithms KNIME works well. And please provide some example workflows for the recommended algorithms

Thanks in advance.

Hi @booramaravind,
This question is a bit too open to warrant a detailed response, to be honest. Are you asking about built-in algorithms, or algorithms that you can build with KNIME? KNIME has 4000 different nodes, and probably most of them “work well”. There is also barely a limit to algorithms you can build with KNIME, as it includes scripting nodes for R, Python, and Java. Can you tell us a bit more about what you are looking for?
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am looking for algorithms that I can build with KNIME.

Anything specific? Here for example you have a YouTube Recommendation Algorithm on KNIME Hub: YouTube Recommendation Algorithm – KNIME Community Hub.


@booramaravind I have a collection of sample workflows for various ML tasks that worked quite well for me. Make sure to also check out the additional resources and links attached to the workflows

In order to prepare data for machine-learning you can resort to these workflows using “vtreat” which also contain machine learning examples

Here are examples described in more detail using a combination of Python and KNIME


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