Best approach replacing Flow Variables

I try to change the value of a flow variable of type collection colum within a loop. Therefore I converted the variable back to a table row, split the collection column and recreated the collection column with the adapted value. If I add the Flow Variable to the loop flow again, I can see two variables with the same name, one with the old value and one with the new value. If I access the Variable, I get the old value.
What would be the best practise to replace the value of a collection column as Flow Variable?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Dnreb and sorry for the delay,

Would you provide an example workflow which reproduce the issue you have described here?

As far as I know, when one creates a variable inside a loop with the same type and name of an existing variable before the loop, they can access the variable which was created inside the loop and after the loop end they get merged based on the loop end configurations.
To update an existing variable with the latest value of the loop, you have to check the “Propagate modified loop variables” option in the loop end configuraitons.

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