Best method of mapping data points on a map?


I have a dataset of 4300 points, quite a few are points that occur in the same coordinates but mapping to OSM doesn’t show more than one at the same location. What are some alternatives that I can do to map these points?

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Hi @jhandatx -

I put together a small example workflow (based on Martin’s original OSM workflow from the Hub) that has a couple of simple ideas. In this workflow, I altered the original dataset to introduce multiple artificial “shipments” to individual cities.

One way to tackle this would be to add “jitter” - slight artificial perturbations in the plotting coordinates - so that they show up a little better. In the workflow, I jittered +/- 0.1, but this can be adjusted depending on scale. All of 4 of these points below represent the city of Shanghai:

Another idea might be to group by a particular item of interest - in this case my “shipments” with the idea that even though you only see one point plotted, the overlay will display information on the underlying item:

Maybe others will have additional ideas for you. Here’s my workflow:

04_Visualization_of_the_World_Cities_using_Open_Street_Map_(OSM)_for_Forum.knwf (49.9 KB)

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