Best practices to reduce inital load time

Hi guys
do you have any tips / ideas to reduce the initial loading time when you open KNIME?
Are there specific factors which increase/decrease the time?
My hardware is not most state of the art I admit but it really takes a long time.
Thanks and br

How long are we talking? I doubt a power user like you is going to be able to pair down on Extensions, but less extensions definitely speeds up program start.

Do you want to delve all the way into looking at your system hardware, OS settings and possible BIOS adjustments?

One of the big things that can increase KNIME startup time is if you have a virus scanner scanning the KNIME installation folder. It’s recommended that you put it in an exclusion list if possible.


Hi @Daniel_Weikert , I’m in the same boat, and it’s mostly due to my Windows and hardware.

It can take a good 5-6 mins for my Knime to open and finish loading (could take some good 2-3 mins to load the extensions and open Knime, and then another 2-3 mins to load all the nodes in the Node Repository). At other times, it loads fast, within a few seconds only.

It’s definitely because my drives are slow (either because the hardware is dying, or I may have disabled something in Windows that would speed up the file system itself). I’ve been able to relate the issue with the file system, so it all depends on how the computer itself behaves on my side.

So, I basically got no tips, other than making sure that I close all workflows before closing Knime, that way the workflows won’t get loaded when Knime is loading.

@Daniel_Weikert from my experience the virus scanner (!) and the overall hardware (you use SSD, right?) are main factors. And your KNIME software should not be on a drive that gets synched permanently.

Then check if you have removed the “-clean” option from your knime.ini after you have used it once.

Then you could experiment with internal storage settings, though I am not sure this would help the initial load.


Thanks to everyone,
yes I use SSD and I have installed closed to every extension I ever encountered.(Yes sure I need all of them at least some day in the future :wink:) Inital load takes around 2 minutes which I consider long in comparison to other tools
I check your proposals
Appreciate your input here

If you are running a laptop, then your processor could be getting heat throttled. I battled that with my laptop for years. It turned out to be caused by me trying to run dual monitors (a wide 4k and an HD). The stress heated up the onboard GPU, which heated up the chassis and triggered CPU heat throttling that killed performance.

I dropped to a single HD external monitor and added a elevated ventilation fan under it. KNIME startup time went from several minutes down to a insistent 15 to 20 seconds with every extension installed. Since it was heat triggered, the performance varied as you described earlier as well.


In my case, it probably has to do with the fact that I have less than 20GB available space :rofl:

That could definitely do it! Especially if you have designated hard drive space as “virtual memory” to act as RAM. Add another SSD drive with high transfer speed and you will take a ton of stress off of that system.

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