Best processor i7 or Xeon

Hi everyone, I want to know if is better to buy a computer with an i7 processor or one with Xeon. My Knime use will be mostly based in processing tabular data (GroupBy, Joins, Pivot, etc.) and nothing related with images or sound.

I am assuming that I am comparing the latter releases of both processors, and all the remaining specs (RAM, SSD) will be same

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You need to take the whole system into account as well as your workload. CPU, memory, disk, they all play a significant part where performance is concerned. I run some work on a PC with a pretty quick Core I7 cpu, 32GB of RAM, and SSD for disk, for text mining tasks the CPU is rarely maxed out and I suspect memory is the bottleneck.

That said, there are some performance benchmarks out there comparing processors running a Java benchmark which may be of interest to you.

For example:

This is a bit dated but might give you some pointers.

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