Best way to begin customizing a specific node?

I have now installed and configured Eclipse, added the Wizard to create new nodes and can successfully launch the KNIME platform without errors. I have also located the source code for the nodes that I wish to customize on GitHub.

Eclipse seems to be a real pain to correct if a first attempt is done incorrectly… I really want to avoid just poking around and making mistakes like I did on the install… What is the best way to proceed?

The Developer Quickstart Guide and most of the forum questions are focused on starting with the pre-defined “numberformatter” sample code, or starting from scratch. There isn’t much clear info on how to start from existing node coding. It says that simply cloning the node source code will replace or take precedence over the code for knime.core nodes. How do I best approach cloning the source code for an existing node from GitHub and have it recognized as a distinct new node for me to begin customization?

Hi @iCFO,

Please excuse the delayed reply.

One easy way is to just copy the package that contains the node source, give it a new name in the xxxNodeFactory.xml file and register the new node in the plugin.xml.


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