Better Filter in the Node Repository

Dear KNIME Team,

I have 2 suggestions for the note repository filter function.

First Idea
When I search for a note by name, the order of the search terms matters. So when I search for row filter I get the relevant note, but when I search for filter row I come up blank.
Also when there are words in between, the results comes up emty (for example, search Variable to Table Column I get my result, but not when I search for variable table column)
My suggestions would be, to ignore the order or make it a setting in the KNIMEconfiguration.
I know that my suggestion also has a drawback: If you have a lot of extensions, the search results become quit big and makes finding the right note a little bit more difficult.

Second Idea
Just the other day I wanted to append some rows and searched for row appender (because a Column Appender exists), but found nothing. A quick search showed me that I want Concatenate.
The easy way would be to rename the note, but I don’t think that is the way. What would be cool would be to have additional search words for the notes, so that when I search for row apppender I get Concatenate.
To be fair, I’m not sure where the additional search terms would be coming from, but maybe the KNIME team has some tracking of what was searched and what note what used next?

This are just some ideas and I would love feedback.

Best Regards,


For your first idea, clicking on the icon to the left of the search box will enable fuzzy searches. This will resolve the issue.


Hi @elsamuel,

thanks for the tip! I did notice the icon but it never did anything for me. That’s because when you already have something written and than turn on fuzzy search it will not find anything, you have to delete it, turn fuzzy search on and type again, so maybe a bug?

I tested it, writting/deleting a single character updates the search results. So you don’t have to delete and rewrite the entire needle.

The missing feature here is that toggling the button doesn’t update the search results.