Binary Objects to file (error: Binary object column not set)

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
Everything in the above image is working in a loop. so every time Creat Temp Dir creates a temp directory with some random name and this dir name is the input to the Binary Objects to file so the problem is in the loop it’s not taking the random directory name automatically. every time i have to open configuration and click ok than it works. can anyone kindly help?

Thank you

Hi @Anoshpananda , we can’t really see what is happening in the node from the image.

Can you show us the config (Settings) and the Flow Variables tab of the node?


I’d try to replace all the deprecated nodes by their new versions and check if the problem still exists.



Thank you for the reply but my problem is solved, the variables names were different that is why it was showing the error.

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Hi @Anoshpananda , I suspected something with the Variable, that is why I wanted to see what was going on. I’m glad that you figured it out in the end.

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