Binary Objects to Files - multiple Excel sheets

I created a BIRT Designer Report with multiple Excel sheets (page break). It works really well in the BIRT Designer Area (if i download the Excel file there), but in combination with the “Binary Objects to Files” node it doesn´t work. It´s just one Excel sheet.
Is this a bug or do I need to change something in the settings?
I´m happy for every information / help :slight_smile:


Hi @FlorianR and welcome to KNIME Community Forum,

Is it possible for you to provdie an example workflow with some sample data?

Hi @armingrudd thanks a lot!

sure, you will find both workflows in the attachment.

I get an Excel-File with two sheets, if i export the file directly in the BIRT-Designer (Workflow2):

And I get only one, when I execute Worfklow 1, which receives the data from Workflow 2:

If there are any questions from your side, just let me know.


Workflow 2 Report.knwf (27.0 KB)
Workflow 1 Data.knwf (32.1 KB)

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Dear @FlorianR,

You are right. I could replicate the same issue using your example workflows. I created a ticket regarding this issue (AP-20785).

Thank you for reporting this.

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Hi @armingrudd,

thx for the fast response!

You are welcome! Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Faced with same problem. Is there a way to know when the bug is expected to be fixed?

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