Binary Objects To String node

I have Binary data (originally is a string) stored in a database. I can retrieve it as binary object using the Database Reader node. I used the "Binary Objects To String" node to convert it to a readable string. The connection between the two nodes works fine where I see the Binary object data but in the string field I see "B@36ed6e8b" instead of the original string. In the console I see this error:


ERROR Database Reader      0:20       Can't read from BINARY stream, trying to read string... null 


any hint?

It looks like your database driver doesn't support reading binary data. What database (and driver) are you using? There should also be more information in the log file below the error message.


Database: Phoenix

Driver: phoenix-


The JDBC driver for Phoenix doesn't support reading binary objects in the same way as other databases. They simply did not implement this functionality. It should be possible to read columns of type BLOB though.