Binner Node Example

Hi Experts,

Can anyone please explain Binner with simple example.



Thanks in Advance




Hi Janu,

what a binner mainly does is transforming numerical data into ordinal scale. Let's assume we've got 10 records with values from 1 to 10.

With the numeric binner we can define rules which range corresponds with which value on the ordinal scale. Lets say we want all values from 0 to 5 binned as "low", 5 to 9 as "mid" and 10 as "high". With the Auto-Binner node in contrast we can among others say how many bins we want to have and let the node split automatically, e.g. we hant to have the data in 5 bins.

Value Numeric bin Auto bin
1 low Bin1
2 low Bin1
3 low Bin2
4 low Bin2
5 low Bin3
6 mid Bin3
7 mid Bin4
8 mid Bin4
9 mid Bin5
10 high Bin5

Hope that helps.