Bird reporting, .bat file, network resources


i have created workflow that it creates report (Bird report), everything works fine. Then i wanted to do .bat file so my co-workers can do the report without opening Knime, just with one click, so i created another workflow with “Call Local Workflow” in it (Settings in screenshot) and .bat file. Everything works fine up to the point when i copy my workflows to the Network Resourses, then workflows stop working.
Error is in “Call Local Workflow” , becouse this node add “C:” at the begining in “Workflow path” i checked this in log files. Insted of “\\local\groups\Report” in the log files i see “C:\\local\groups\Report”.

I need to do that becouse i update my Report workflow quite offen,and this way i only change workflow once in Network Resourses.
I created another Workspace, only with this two workflows linked to Network Resourses, and still don’t work.

Sorry for my bad english.

Can anybody know how to configure “Call Local Workflow” that can work with workflows on Network Resourses, or another solution to my problem.

Cheers Kacper.


just in windows map a drive with network resources as Z: for example, and then everything works perfect (:


Thanks for posting your solution! :slight_smile:

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