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I have a BIRT question. I see where you can create conditions to highlight cells as different colors - which is exactly what I need. The problem is, when I open the report in Excel the cell color/highlighting is gone.

Is there a way for me to retain this highlighting from the BIRT report in my Excel output?

EDIT: see @armingrudd solution below!

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Hi @TardisPilot,

That’s possible and supported.

If you use the correct condition, it would work where the condition is true.

Check if you are using the right condition or provide your workflow with a sample data and let me do that for you.

There is another probability: If you are using a data table in your report, you must add the condition for the data row, not the whole table.



I was actually just working my way through the example workflow that KNIME provides for BIRT and was trying to get the highlighted cells to remain highlighted in Excel upon export.

Which one? Could you please provide the workflow title?

Hey @armingrudd,

I was running the 07_BIRT_Example_Basic.


In this case, you need to keep the data table and remove the other items from the report to have the correct format in Excel.

Copy or cut the table and remove everything from the report and then paste the table. Now if you export the report to excel, the rows in the score column which have a value of equal or less than 50 will be in orange.




Amazing!! Thank you so much! This is awesome!


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