BIRT Report - Grouping Method on Multiple Tables

my problem was already mentioned in another post (How to simultaneously group two different data sets in the report? - #10 by Knime_Beginner) but no solution was given to the respective question. I hope that in the meantime there is a (simple) solution (not a BIRT expert).
I try to create multiple reports containing 4 different tables on the same page using the Groups Option as presented in the Advanced section (KNIME Report Designer User Guide).
Here is an example:

In BIRT, I have a 2 by 2 Grid where I arrange the tables.

There are actually two problems.

  1. Only the top (horizontal tables are displayed on the same page)

  2. The tables not always contain all the group values so sometimes different groups are displayed on the same page

My question, is there a way to Group the tables “across the Grid” so that all 4 tables are displayed on the same page with actually the same Group value?

I hope I could explain well enough what I want to achieve. Otherwise I can elaborate in more detail on the purpose if needed.

It would be really great if someone could help me out.



P.s. I already use the Multiple Reports Parent workflow (Multiple Reports Parent Workflow – KNIME Hub), which works but I intentionally want to do it in just one workflow using the grouping and page break method

Small update: it seems I can fiddle sth. together by adding a Master Group table containing all the possible Groups in one column.

I then place this Master_Group table in the BIRT Report, add a grid (2x)2 and each table to one of the fields of the Grid. I do the Grouping on the Group column of the Master_Group table.

Finally I filter for each individual table on the Group column.

The layout gets a bit messy but it seems to work:

I am not sure if “this is the way”… maybe someone has a more handy solution?

I try to implement that in the actual, more complex workflow. Let’s see if that still works.

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