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when I create a new column in the input db to the report all aggregations change to normal columns.

Do you know why ?

Hi @PaoloG and welcome to the forum.

I don’t understand the question since you haven’t provided much detail. Can you please upload your workflow and some screenshots to show what you’ve tried so far? This might be helpful too:

Hi Scott, thank you

When I update the input dataset to the report with a column and do the report update.
The aggregated table variables in the report are transformed.

After updating the dataset (third image) if I press the back key I restore the aggregations and see the new column in the dataset.
But that doesn’t sound like standard procedure.

It would really help if you could upload your actual workflow (with some dummy data) in addition to screenshots.

Having said that, the best approach might be to create the report format in BIRT after finalizing your table structure on the KNIME side, with all the columns you plan to include. I try to avoid updating the underlying data if I can, since that can cause unexpected behavior from BIRT, as you are seeing.

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