BIRT Report | multiple master pages & different background colors

Is it possible select different background theme for each single page in report ?
If i set the masterpage background it propagates on all pages.

Thank you


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Perhaps my question is related to the theme of creating two Masterpages in the same report.

Hi @PaoloG ,
thank you for your question! It is possible to have multiple master pages. In order to insert them in your report, you, first, have to create them. It is a bit tricky how to find the way to do it:

  1. In the top panel of KNIME Analytics Platform, when you opened report editor, click View → Other….
  2. In the appeared Show View select General → Outline.
  3. In the Outline tab look for Master Pages. Right Click on it and you will be able to create a new master page.

Now when you have created master pages you can reach them via the top panel of KNIME Analytics Platform: Page → Master Page.

In order to include them in the report you need to specify page breaks. Afterwards, you can assign created master pages to different sections.
Hope it helps!


Thank you very much @darspir , very detailed explanation.
Have a good day

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