BIRT Report Viewer Hangs

When I try to view a report, or export it to a file (PDF or PPT), the BIRT Report Viewer hangs and eventually stops responding. I have to kill the process to get back into KNIME.

If I preview the report in the report designer, it works, I just can't get the full report.

I'm using KNIME with KNIME Report Designer and KNIME Reporting Runtime, running on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise, 6.1.7600.

Neither the error log or the console show any errors or warnings.

Any ideas?



UPDATE: I narrowed my issue down to an embedded bar chart. When I removed all instances of this chart type from my report, it ran fine.

I was trying to roll my own histogram of the frequency distribution of my data set, but I failed to set the x-axis grouping and aggregate expression which caused the report to hang.

Everything's working fine now, so I guess the problem was PEBKAC :)

Hi Patrick,

   Could it be that there was an OutOfMemoryError silently somewhere? For example I had similar problems (when I tried reporting) that there were no more space to load classes. You might want to look at the this stackoverflow topic. The proposed solutions should go in the knime.ini file's end (after -vmargs, -XX:MaxPermSize already there, you can try increasing that).

Hope this helps, gabor