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I have multiple data sources with a common column as Customer Number. I want to create a report in KNIME where I want to group the data from multiple data sources based on Customer Number. Basically, I want to generate separate reports for each customer.
It would be great if anyone could help me with this.

Hi @mohini1329,

without having any details it is difficult to guide you…

But my approach would be (if feasible)

  1. to join your data tables to just one (using the Joiner node with the Customer Number as key) and
  2. to create the different reports per Customer Number using a Group Loop Start node (grouped on Customer Number) and the new Reporting capabilities (which are easier to handle compared to the BIRT report tool). The new reporting nodes are based on Components, which are normally used to create (interactive) Views.
  3. to define the file names of the different reports by using the Customber Number as Variable and feed that as file name into the report generating node (e.g. Report PDF Writer node)

In order to go along these lines KNIME Analytical Platform Version 5.2 would be my choice.

I hope my rough thoughts might help you…

Best regards,


Agree with Jürgen - BIRT is horrible to use

What are the other options to create Report in KNIME?

So, I have 2 table. Each table as some information about the customer both table contains customer number column. I have a report template and I need to populate the data in that template.

Can you suggest something?

Hi @mohini1329,

Within the report section you find the “new” reporting capabilities.
You have to start with the Report Template Creator node and you will finalize every report with either Report PDF Writer node or the Report HTML Writer node.
These reporting capabilities (which are recently introduced) base on Components. So you create the look of your report as a Component with all the ingredients (like tables or graphs) as needed.
If you have to fulfill a standard and already defined report template (e.g. given by a company rule) you might run into difficulties to meet the exact demands. But obviously you can use company brand colors…
This statement is also true for the BIRT reporting capability by my knowledge.

So depending on the report template (where does it come from, is it e.e an Excel template) you have more or less work to mimic this given template.

Best regards,


Hi @mohini1329 -

Take a look at this collection (and related blog post) about the new reporting functionality:

If you need more specific help, you’ll probably need to upload examples of your input dataset, and what your report template already looks like.


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