BIRT reporting

I am trying to create a workflow with a report using BIRT. My goal is to have a report that contains a table with information from the workflow and graphs/images to make it easier to understand. I am having problems inserting the images and graphs. I would like to insert a map created with the “OSM map to image” node, but when I insert the image and preview it, I can’t see it. I have also tried saving the image locally and inserting it into the report but nothing seems to work. Has anyone had a similar experience and can help me?
I have a similar problem with inserting the bubble graph into the report: when I insert it and preview it, the image is very small and therefore unreadable.
Does anyone know how to solve it?
Thank you.

Hello @Chiarydoc,

have you check KNIME Docs? I see there’s plenty of images.

Also there are couple of BIRT workflow examples available on KNIME Hub that might help:


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