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Hello Knimers, I have a question, I’ve been digging regarding BIRT Reporting, I was able to use the Table to Report node, I got into the BIRT module, provided some basic layout for a PDF, I was able to see the PDF preview just the way I need it, but then I didnt find an option or way to save the reports in the local space.
The idea of the workflow is to read several HTML files and transform into PDF, this in a loop execution for each file.
Can somebody provide assistance in which step Im missing to get the PDF reports out of BIRT module?

this is how the workflow looks like, am I missing someting to link the data to reports to the filnal PDF writer?

Hey @GQRanalytics,

I am not sure if that is possible with BIRT. I always used it in a way where I had to download the Report in the Report Designer manually.
I would recommend you to take a look at the new Reporting capabilities we released with 5.2. It might not yet be as powerful as BIRT, but it definitely allows you to further process the report and save it to your desired location.

Let me know if that helps for your use case.



Hey @DanielBog !
Actually thats the option I found later to workarround my issue, it kinda works fine as well, but noticed an small gap that maybe KNIME can take a look, my PDF required custom size, its quite larger than the Sizes available in the “Report Template creator”, and as the visualizations cannot handle font sizes I was forced to remove some columns and shorten the contents of some of them to make it fit to the largest size available… I have tried to pass a custom size as variable but didnt work, do you know how can I address this need?

Hello @GQRanalytics,

please have a look to this 2 workflows with a parent-child-logic.

This should do the trick, especially if you want to generate lots of PDFs with the loop.

Good luck!


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Thanks I saw that one too, but didnt understand it, I will take a look and have a better understanding of those two workflows “parent” and “child”

Same problem here.

I need a custom PDF size.

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